Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pinky #1 is done


Here is the first sock of Meggan’s pair.  Isn’t it pretty?  The petal pattern on the front extends down the back of the heel, too, and the lace pattern on the side is nubbly and interesting.  It reminds me more of cables than lace, but there are no cable crossings at all – this is all lace.  Lace stitches are stretchier and more forgiving than cables, so maybe this is a good thing in a sock, especially a sock that comes up the leg as far as this one does.  There will be no chilly drafts sneaking up Meggan’s pant leg when she wears these.  Plenty of warm wooly coverage. 

Here is the back of the heel, but the perspective is kind of twisted, because I’m taking a picture of my own foot.  What must the neighbors think of my front porch contortions?back And here is the side, which is my favorite part:side Today is is about 43 degrees and raining, so wool socks are perfect.  The color scheme on these is a little springy, but the feel is fall fall fall.


  1. These look fabulous. I am interested to hear what the feedback is on the height of the sock. I've always heard so much about the importance of "calf shaping" in high socks.

    Great job and by the way, you already know that your neighbors think you are yarn obsessed don't worry about the front porch pictures:)