Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Piggle is done!IMG_4861

My sister-outlaw suggested this pattern for her older daughter, Allie, who is two-and-a-half and always wears pigtails. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn. I used some sportweight sock yarn from my stash. When asked what her favorite color was, Allie replied “green yellow purple red green.” I figured multicolor was a good choice.

This hat is a lace pattern. Normally I would never use a self-striping yarn with lace, but it sort of works for a child’s hat. The lace makes the hat very stretchy, which is good.  Hat holes are also good if you live in a warm climate like east Texas!  You can really see the lacy holes in this photo.IMG_4865

I used one entire 50 g ball of this yarn plus just a bit of the second ball.

I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off on the pigtail holes – this technique originally appeared in  Here’s a video by Cat Bordhi that shows exactly how to do it:

If I knit this again, I would knit the waste yarn for the holes in stockinette, not in pattern. It would have been much easier to pick up the stitches that way.

Merry Christmas to Allie from her auntie!  And many thanks to Lily for being such a great hat model!  (It was actually kind of hard to get a photo of the hat holes, because she instinctively turns toward the camera!)IMG_4860Now I have one more hat and the Bada Bing sweater to finish, and that will wrap up my Christmas knitting for 2009.  Bada Bing has issues.  We’ll talk soon.


  1. she's highly trained in "looking at the camera"... not so much in the hat posing. Must work on that...

  2. That's Lilly? Wasn't she just toddling? I guess it's been awhile since we've been to south-central PA...

    This is awesome. I need to find out if my youngest niece still does pigtails. She wasn't sporting them when I saw her last week. But I think something like Piggle might make her wiggle and giggle.

    [The word verification for this comment is unnuts -- which I wish I was today!]

  3. Your model is lovely...and the hat makes me wish I could get away with pigtails again!

  4. This hat is fabulous. I can't wait to make one for Katie. You model is beautiful.