Monday, February 15, 2010

The fix is in

You may remember that we were a little uncertain about the sleeve cuffs of the Bada Bing sweater – they seemed like they might do the stockinette roll.  And roll they did, in a most annoying way.  Here’s a close-up of the cuff-rolling action:IMG_5625 I ripped this out and knit a 2x1 rib for about 12 rounds in red before re-adding the grey edge.  Here’s the fix:IMG_5647 This yarn (Berroco Peruvia) was heck to pull out.  It is so fuzzy that it had forgotten it was once a strand of yarn and wanted to become one with the entire sweater.  I cut most of it off and didn’t try to save the yarn.

Look at the felting under the arms:IMG_5648 I have more Peruvia in a color for me, but I’m rethinking the best way to use it based on how the red sweater is wearing.

Also, this sweater has given me the opportunity to remind my loved ones that wool and Velcro are enemies.  Boy 1 said “No, Mom, they’re friends, because they like to stick together!”  But I maintain that they do not stick together in a good way, and therefore are enemies.

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  1. I like the whole wool/velcro psychology discussion. "Clingy and suffocating" comes to mind when discussion this relationship rather than "sticking together".

    Great fix!

    I'll have my own sweater fix post up later this week, I hope. Long story...