Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow snow snow!

These photos aren’t the greatest, but they will give you a visual of how much snow there is here.  It’s been falling since yesterday afternoon and is still falling at 5 pm today.  We’ve had official “blizzard” conditions due to the wind.  It’s really hard to know how much new snow has fallen.  At least 12”, I’d guess.

First, icicles descending on the front porch, coming down like beautiful jail cell bars.  You can see a tiny bit of the van in the driveway:IMG_5537 Next, biggest icicle of them right next to our front door.  It’s almost reached the ground and the boys love watching it from the window nearby:IMG_5538 This next one was taken from the second story window in the nook at the top of our stairs.  See how high the snow has blown against the fence in the corner?  It’s almost buried at the very corner.IMG_5531 Here’s another one taken from the same vantage.  You can barely see the picnic table in the upper right quadrant (that’s the roof of the kitchen in the foreground).  The kids’ climber is also pretty buried:IMG_5532Excuse the screen on this one.  This is taken from Boy 2’s bedroom.  The part at the bottom is just outside our kitchen sink window, and the snow has nearly reached the windowsill there.  Patio chairs are almost completely covered, too:IMG_5533

Public school was cancelled today (duh) and also tomorrow.  And they weren’t supposed to have school Friday or Monday.  So the days loom long in front of us.

Today we worked from home some, baked peanut butter cupcakes (Boy 1’s choice), watched some of Return to Cranford on DVD, and worked on the green Hedgerow sock.

Should have checked out more DVDs from the library.  We’ve exhausted our Netflix DVDs and won’t get any more soon (no mail service last Saturday, or Monday, or today, and probably not tomorrow, either).

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