Thursday, April 1, 2010

Christmas in April

Deck the Ball

I’ve fallen a little behind on my Deck the Balls project. (Remember, I pledged to deck a ball with leftover sock yarn every time I finished a sock this year.)  But I can easily catch up.  Here’s a ball made from Green Mountain Spinnery Sock Art Meadow.  The socks are here.  The ball came in less than a month after the socks did, so I’m calling it good.

I improvised a checkerboard pattern on this one.  It is centered between the increases on the bottom of the ball and the decreases on the top of the ball – but it doesn’t fall in the middle of the ball.  I’ll adjust next time if I do this again.

I have one more ball of leftover sock yarn awaiting its ball destiny – then I’ll be caught up.

Look at the grass greening up in our backyard – soon enough it will be time to mow again!


  1. Cool pattern!

    I've been putting off mowing. I think my neighbors are starting to get cranky...

  2. Great to see you keeping up with these :) I like the pattern. You are going to be so happy in December when you go to decorate your tree!