Monday, April 26, 2010

Felici Felici Felici!

You may recall that I have a thing for Felici sock yarn.  The stripes.  The softness.  The durability.  The stripes.

Well, hold on to your circulars, knitters – new colorways are here.  I love this blog post that shows the design boards from back when these yarns were being born.

Hmmm… what colors shall we get?

Just for fun, here are the socks I’ve knit from balls of Felici past…

Coastal Socks Felici socks - finished! Cocoa Pebbles Socks Cochineal Arch Shaped Socks


  1. Awesome! I am kind of surprised that there were only 4 photos from the past.
    What did you decide to purchase?

  2. I'm partial to the Green Veggies!

  3. No final decisions yet... but I definitely like the more tonal colorways: Green Veggies and Marine Life (in fingering weight). Perhaps Katie would like Positively Pink?

    In sportweight, Ecology is definitely my fave.

  4. Bonjour,
    Les couleurs des chaussettes sont très jolies(surtout la bleue),c quoi le n° du coloris?

  5. The color is
    24111 Coastal
    Purchased in 2008