Monday, April 12, 2010

Night Gulls – new sock pattern!

I’ve been knitting socks for a while now, challenging myself with different stitches and architectures.  I can substitute heels and toes and resize patterns.  But still, it never really occurred to me to publish a sock pattern until after I took Anne Hanson’s sock design workshop a couple of months ago.  Then I knew I was ready.  Exercise Before Knitting threw down her Reviving Socks design challenge a couple of weeks later, and I decided to finish the sock I began at the workshop and release it.
And so, I give you Night Gulls:maybe2fix The name comes from the gulls-and-garter stitch pattern on the top of the cuff and the yarn’s colorway, which is “Night Watch.”
This sock brings together two main stitch patterns that show off the veil-dyed, variegated Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn. It should work well with other non-pooling semi-solid yarns, as well as heathers and solids (I recommend avoiding wild multis and pooling yarns, as they would obscure the stitchwork).maybe3fixBecause several stitches are used, these socks have a “sampler” feel that helps maintain the intermediate knitter’s interest while resulting in a cohesive design. The gull stitch used on the cuff features floating strands which highlight the color variation in the yarn. The diagonal rib stitch used around the ankle and on the instep pulls is very elastic, providing stretchy snugness just where you need it most.side
Socks are knit cuff-down on 2 circular needles, but feel free to use your favorite cuff-down technique. I’ve used a flap heel and star toe, but again, feel free to substitute your favorite heel/toe.
The blue version is size medium (64-stitch circumference).  But wait, there’s more!  My great friend and fellow knitting librarian Steven test knit the large size (over 72 stitches) in another Smooshy colorway, “Cocoa Kiss.”  I just adore how Smooshy will not pool.  It provides the satisfaction and entertainment of knitting with a multi-colored yarn, but the overall effect is that of a semi-solid.  Didn’t he do a great job?  And he put a slightly different heel on his version.  Thanks, Steven!!!Night_Gulls_D
Thanks also to my knitting friends who encouraged me to do this and proofread the pattern.  Know that I’d do the same for you.  And a huge thank you to my sweetie, who designed a very cool logo for me today and then reformatted the entire pattern in Illustrator so it would look clean and sharp.  You rock!jlw_finalThe pattern is available as a pdf download for $5 (Ravelry account not required).
And of course, you can also find Night Gulls in Ravelry.


  1. I love the pattern, love Stephen's version, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the logo! Well done all around!

  2. I've started the pattern with some beautiful Cascade Heritage yarn ("David's Eyes" -- grey and grey-blue with a little green)! Do you really only have two rounds of four for the rib? I can't tell from your photos...I can see Stephen's four rounds on the men's version.

  3. Sorry for misspelling your name, Steven!