Thursday, June 10, 2010


When Chrissy Gardiner’s book, Toe-Up!, toured the blogs earlier this year, I was enchanted by the pattern called Fjordland.  Here’s the photo from the book:

fjordland_lrg[1]I’ve been meaning to try some colorwork in socks for a long time now and just haven’t made the leap.  Until now, that is. 

I got the new Simply Sock Yarn color cards and started plotting.  It was so hard to decide on three colors of yarn for these.  I tried to narrow it down some by picking a light, a dark, and a medium.  In the end, here is what I got:IMG_6352 From the left, that’s Deep Sea (really a very dark greenish-blue), Chartreuse, and Turquoise.  I thought the chartreuse looked more green when I was only looking at a small bit of yarn.  When it sits next to the turquoise, though, it looks a lot more yellow.  Maybe I should have picked Lime instead.  Oh, well!  Here’s how it’s going so far:

IMG_6354 This sock is meant for Boy 2.  It’s smallish, but it still has 56 stitches around, and with knitting and purling in 2 different colors, it’s not a very fast knit.  My continental knitting is pretty rough – and don’t get me started on continental purling!  This is a 22-round repeat, and some of the rounds have both knitting and purling with both colors.  This is definitely a challenging pattern for me.


  1. You need to make a grownup pair also so we can take a photo that mimics the one in the book!

  2. Challening, maybe, but it looks like you're doing fine to me. I love how, in addition to the colorwork, there are some interesting textural things going on, too.