Thursday, July 29, 2010

Please vote for my socks!

Okay y’all, the Summer of Color entries have been posted on Allison’s Simply Socks Yarn Company website, and the voting has begun.  There is a $200 yarn gift certificate waiting for the winner of the popular vote.  Won’t you please take a few minutes to vote for my Fjordland socks?

Fjordland Socks

Remember these cuties I knit for Boy 2 out of the new SSYC solid sock yarns? 

There are 15 pairs of lovely socks in the contest.  Mine are #12, so scroll down.  To vote, all you need to do is email Allison at with the subject line VOTE and the message Socks 12.  Emails will be accepted through Friday, 8/6/10, midnight EST.

Fjordland #1

Man, I could make a LOT of cool socks from $200 worth of sock yarn.  S1 is very interested in the new Mad for Plaid design from, and that would be the first thing I’d knit from my new yarn if I won!

Thank you!


  1. Me, too!

    And you should make her those plaid socks anyway.

  2. Congratulations on your very well-deserved sock win!

  3. Thanks, Bonny - your comment is what alerted me to the happy news that the winners had been announced. My coworkers will vouch that I jumped up and down squealing in the office today!