Thursday, July 22, 2010


I’ve read the children’s book Pinkalicious.  I understand that Purplicious is its sequel; I haven’t read it yet. But purple seems to be my color lately!

The first Pansy Sock is done, and I’m almost ready to begin the heel on #2.  Here’s #1:IMG_6794Then I reached into my basket of spinning fiber and came up with this:  IMG_6804 I knew this was top by the way it was arranged, but it didn’t have a label on it.  I got this earlier this spring when I placed an order with The Spinning Loft.  I had a gift certificate to use with them and wanted to get a smaller whorl for my Ladybug (as part of my quest to spin a good 3-ply sock yarn).  I’m sure I knew what it was when I ordered it, but I’d forgotten.  I managed to find my receipt online and have decided that this is a merino silk blend.  I have 4.75 oz and I’m spinning is rather fine to make a 2-ply.

The receipt says “Louet merino silk McKensie,” but I can’t find a colorway called McKensie on the Louet website.  Ashland Bay makes a 70/30 merino silk blend called Mckenzie, so this might be it.  The colors online look more gray than purple, but that could just be the photography.  Then again, I think my fiber really looks like the Ashland Bay blend called Purple.  So, whatever…

At any rate, it’s pretty and I like it.  And spinning on the wheel is sooooooooo much faster than spinning on the spindle!

In other fun news, I won a contest on the Novamade blog and got this fabulous BFL dyed by Cloverleaf Farms.  The colorway is “Golden Oaks” – isn’t it gorgeous?IMG_6791This was waiting in the mail when I returned from NC – what a treat.  (Ironically, Cloverleaf Farms is located in Hendersonville, NC, one of the towns we spent a bit of time in during our trip.)  I thought about spinning it next, but I decided to wait until I feel that first chill in the air since it’s so autumnal.  The chill is decidedly NOT here now – we’ve been having highs in the mid-upper 90s every day. 

If you aren’t already familiar with Nova’s blog, I encourage you to visit – she takes fabulous photos and always has beautiful things to show (fiber-y things as well as her adorable children)!

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  1. That does look like the Ashland Bay McKenzie. I love their silk blends aka crack. Did I tell you that I was in a class at SOAR last year with the owner of Ashland Bay? She had a sweater made out of her beautiful fiber.