Sunday, July 18, 2010

Socks in progress

I’m not sure what I call this sock yet.  The stitch pattern (from the Vogue Stitchionary volume 1) is called “rib and welt pattern,” which doesn’t exactly have a nice ring to it.  The yarn is Socks That Rock Lightweight in colorway “love-in-idleness” (an old name for a wild pansy).  So maybe these will be my pansy socks.  There is some pooling, but it’s not annoying me tooooooooo much at this point.  It looks more painterly than pooly:IMG_6783

The Jacob Cauchys are still on the needles but haven’t seen much action since you last saw them:IMG_6785See what I mean about the decrease area?  I wish I’d put the decrease stitches in the purl area rather than the knit part of the rib.  Next time.

I also warmed up the spinning wheel yesterday and got busy.  I decided not to spend much time pondering which fiber to spin.  Instead, I just grabbed what was on the top of the pile.  I got the 3 oz Jacob/alpaca batt that I got at MDSW this spring.  I separated it into 2 equal sections (the digital scale is so handy for this) and spun the singles.  I plan to ply them today (you’re supposed to let the singles rest overnight).  Hopefully you’ll see some new yarn here soon!

That’s all for today – off to ply now.


  1. "Rib and welt" sounds like the description of an injury of some sort!

  2. I really do like the way that yarn is pooling in the rib and welt. I mean -- it's GOOD pooling. It does look quite painterly. Nice.

    Oh, and now I get what you meant about doing the decreases in the purls!