Thursday, October 7, 2010


This sock just wasn’t looking like the picture in the book.  I kept going a bit, thinking that it might be a few repeats until the cable pattern would really begin to show.  But no.  This is supposed to be a cable braid and it doesn’t look braid-y at all.IMG_7224 I stared at it pretty hard during my morning meeting and decided it looked too stretched out.  It might look more braid-y if I made this an 8-round repeat rather than a 12-round repeat.  I started that pattern (seen here at the very top) and decided I was right – isn’t this starting to braid now?


I googled the name of the pattern (braided cable with garter bead) and discovered that there are errata on the publisher’s website.  DOH!  This has happened to me before and I swore I would never begin a new pattern without checking Ravelry for errata.  Serves me right, I guess.  I was kind of pleased that I figured out the correction without seeing the errata first, though.

Home for lunch.  Rip rip rip.  I tried to pick up a row of stitches near the top of my ribbing (see the bottom needle inserted in the photo above?), but it didn’t work very well.  I can pick up knit stitches and stay in the same row just fine, but purls are another matter.  Fixing it was so time consuming that I finally just ripped out the whole sock.

Started over in afternoon meeting.

Tomorrow I have an ALL-DAY meeting, the kind with tons of people and not much audience participation.  Primo knitting, people!  I’ll post a progress report.

So far I love the colors of this yarn – so many shades of orange and brown and gold.  But it’s kind of splitty and all this ripping isn’t helping. 


  1. You probably saw this, but it looks like there may be errors in the errata!
    Congratulations on figuring it out with the benefit of an all day meeting!

  2. That still doesn't explain why I followed the Sensational pattern and it looks fine...

  3. Kris, maybe your edition is later than mine and they corrected it?

  4. Bonny - as near as I can tell, the Martindale errata page today displays the same written and charted instructions. My guess is that they updated it again after being notified of an "errata error" and Ravely hasn't caught up. But that's just a guess!

    Believe me, I stared LONG AND HARD at it after reading that in Ravelry!