Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy pumpkin sock #1

This sock matches the weather here perfectly:IMG_7343The yarn is full of oranges, golds, and browns, and it feels so warm and snuggly. Look at those cables!IMG_7345 I can’t believe it’s taken me so long, but I finally tried the eye of partridge heel flap.  It’s almost like my standard slip stitch heel, except you alternate the slipped stitches on adjacent rows so that you get a checkerboard effect rather than a columnar effect.  It results in a flatter fabric that should wear like iron:IMG_7348 This has become my office knitting project now that I have the pattern down, which could mean for slowish progress.  Home knitting time is reserved for that tangled garden.


  1. was just the other day you were ripping that baby out! You are a deceptively fast knitter. On the heel: did you need to keep track on paper? I've done that heel once and I had to laboriously document each row...but it might have been because I was a pretty new knitter at the time. I wonder if, now that I've accrued lots of experience, it would be easier to eyeball. Thoughts?

  2. Kris - Yes, I did need to keep track on paper. I wrote out the 4 row repeat and then made a tick mark every time I finished the cycle (8.5 times). I was having trouble reading the rows, perhaps because this yarn is so skinny? I like how flat this heel fabric is compared to my usual heel!