Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monkeying around

I may be the last knitter on the planet to make Cookie A’s Monkey socks.IMG_7839

These weren’t even in my queue, but I realized I had some good office knitting time coming up and nothing to knit during it.  Quick, to Ravelry! Quick, to the sock yarn cabinet!

I see why these knit up so quickly.  The 11-round pattern is addictive.  3 rounds are straight knitting, 4 are simple knit/purl rounds, and the remaining four contain decreases and yarnovers.

Okay, maybe not the LAST knitter on the planet.  Just the 12,939th project entry in Ravelry.  Geesh, talk about being behind trend…

[PS – Santa, please bring me Cookie A’s new book – the cover makes me swoon!]


  1. I may be the last Monkey knitter on the planet now, but with 12,941 projects as of this morning, I'm feeling a bit of peer pressure. Lovely use of your office knitting time!

  2. Kris - the yarn is Araucania Ranco in color 101, which is a nice eggplant-y purple semisolid. I bought it in Oberlin, OH, when I went there for a meeting a couple years ago.

  3. Beautiful! I haven't made a pair either, if that makes you feel better. I haven't made any jaywalkers either. What's wrong with me?