Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Socks and “awwww”

IMG_7809The reading nook has someone reading in it!  And look closely:IMG_7807 Now, closer…


Boy 1 has another new pair of plain vanilla socks.  I acquired this yarn just recently and had in mind that Boy 2 would love it.  But Boy 2 has become a bit fickle and while he liked the yarn well enough, he didn’t express much interest in the resulting socks.  I cross-examined him after turning the heel and discovered that he didn’t really care if these were his or not.  But his brother loved them, so I made them long enough to fit Boy 1’s feet.  (Their ankles are similar so I use the same CO number – 48 – for both right now.)

I only had one 50 g ball of this yarn, which would have been fine for Boy 2.  I cut it very close with Boy 1.  I had about 12 inches of yarn left.  There will be no Deck the Ball from this yarn – it’s gone!  Even if I cared about making socks identical, I wouldn’t have been able to.  I rather like the fraternal look, though.

Boy 1 is such a good sock recipient right now.  Every time he has a fitting, he says “they’re so WARM!”  And after this morning’s photo, he asked if he could wear them all day.  Of course!  It’s perfect wool sock weather here – 25 when we left for school and it shouldn’t break 32 all day.

And guess what else he has been up to?IMG_7751

(This is the “awwww” of the post!)


  1. I think the reading picture is pretty "awwwww" also. He loves books and yarn socks. what more could we want!

  2. Wonderful post filled with some of the most wonderful things - sons, reading nooks, handknit socks and spinning. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just love this post. I was hoping those socks would knit up nicely, and they sure did! I'll have to keep an eye out for something like this.

    They look great on Boy 1. I'm going to try 48 stitches for my niece.

    These pictures are so great!