Monday, January 10, 2011

Cerisara grows…

These photos aren’t super professional – my 8-year-old shot them for me this morning before school!  Still, I think you’ll get the idea that the cardigan is growing.  I’ve just started the ribbing at the bottom, so the body is nearly complete:IMG_8075The knitted fabric is rolling a lot more than it will later after I block it (at least, I hope this is the case).  The neck band is rolling up like a tube right now but it should relax quite a bit.

Here’s the back:IMG_8077 We’ll see if I can finish the hem rib tonight and then start puzzling over the sleeve instructions.

I’ve totally ignored socks all week (except for occasional office knitting) to work on this sweater.  I want to WEAR it!


  1. Man -- you're tearing through this! It looks quite good and I think that's pretty darn good 8-year-old photography!