Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Phone Sox

IMG_8927I got a new phone.  It’s pretty fancy and a HUGE step up for me.  It requires a little protection, so I made it a sock.  Check it out:

24 stitches around, 2x1 ribbing for 15 rounds, st st for 38 or so rounds (I lost count), and kitchener stitch to close the bottom. This is worsted weight yarn on a size US 6 needle (4 mm).IMG_8931


  1. Love the video. And now, I'm going to say one word that will forever change the way you look at your phone and it's new cover:


    [You may delete this comment if you wish!]

  2. Steven: I really do need to meet you. I had the same thought!!!

  3. You guys are making me not like my phone sock quite so much!!!