Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Girl BSJ

I was done knitting this weeks ago, but I finally seamed the top of the arms and found some buttons.  All done!IMG_9110The buttons are kind of light brown and cream, like chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirled together – a perfect match for a yarn called Neapolitan.  Because the stripes are fairly bold, I didn’t want buttons that would compete with them.  Lord knows there are plenty of cutesy kid buttons on the market – little bugs, butterflies, legos, etc – in every shade of pink imaginable.  None looked right.  I’m happy with this subtler choice!


Just a reminder – this was knit with Knit Picks Felici Sport (on a US 4 needle) and it took me slightly over 2 balls to do it.  So if you buy yarn for this, buy 3 balls!  I’m going to make another one using my Ecology colorway.  I only have 2 fresh balls, but since I’ve already made a pair of socks out of it, I have some leftovers that should be enough to finish the project.IMG_8352


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  2. This is so perfect. The buttons are just right. And I'm going to totally steal your idea and make a Felici BSJ for our neighbor's new little one due in December.