Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby Boy BSJ

While out of town, I managed to knit another BSJ out of a more boyish colorway.  This is Knit Picks Felici Sport yarn in color “Ecology,” from which I already have a pair of socks.  Doesn’t the resulting fabric look different?IMG_9376 IMG_7188The baby jacket has a tweedier effect, I think.  Just as before, I used slightly over 2 balls of Felici.  The buttons are understated, but not quite as neutral as the ones I used on the Neapolitan version: IMG_9377 Also note how that diagonal line looks.  I used a different increase technique on this BSJ –for the double increase, I did LRinc – Knit – LLinc (LRinc = Cat Bordhi’s Leaning Right increase and LLinc is obviously the Leaning Left increase).

For the girlish version, I used the double increase specified by Elizabeth Zimmermann: Slip 1, K2tog, PSSO. The diagonal line looks very different, see?IMG_9111I can’t decide which one I prefer.

In other knitting news, I’m almost done with Boy 1’s soon-to-be-electrified socks – I should be able to share those in the next day or two.  And I popped into three LYSs in North Carolina.  I only bought one skein of yarn, though – this lovely Bearfoot from Mountain Colors.IMG_9372This colorway is called Thunderstorm, and it is mostly a deep purple with bits of greyish teal and olive green.  Very moody.  I’ve knit with Bearfoot twice before and really like it.  In fact, the very first pair of socks I made for myself was out of Bearfoot.  They are lovely socks, though a bit large (because I was knitting on – gasp! – size TWO needles then).  This yarn makes EXTREMELY warm socks – it is a 3-ply composed of 60% superwash wool, 25% mohair, and 15% nylon.  I wear my pair in the deepest days of winter, over another pair of thin cotton socks (because the handknit socks are roomy).  I don’t see Bearfoot in shops that often, so I didn’t think too long before deciding to purchase it.  Mmmm, take a closer look:IMG_9375 Next: I want to whip up a quick hat to take to Sock Summit for Eloise’s baby shower.  Will dive into stash for that…

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  1. It is amazing how differently the sport weight stripes with the narrower bands. Both look great, though. I prefer the EZ decreases in the pink sweater to the Bordhi decreases in the Ecology sweater. But the EZ decreases might be lacier? Hard to tell from the picture. Maybe each decrease method is gender appropriate!

    Great restraint shown by entering three LYSs and exiting with only one skein of yarn!