Saturday, July 23, 2011

Packing for the Summit

Packing for the Summit

My pile of stuff to take is growing slowly.  Click through to Flickr to see notes if you wonder why things are in the pile!  (Like, perhaps, the wedgie-free girls underpants?)

I started a new sock a few days ago to knit at the Summit. I wanted something that will be easy enough to knit in public, but not dead dull like a stockinette Felici sock.  You know, something that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen knitting among other hardcore sock knitters… Here’s what I came up with: Amelie (by Alana Dakos, who also designed the Cedar Leaf Shawlette) in Dye Dreams Luster Sox (100% superwash BFL and purchased at Sock Summit 2009):IMG_9422 The color of this yarn is very rich and bronze, almost metallic.  I like it!  And since they are for me, there will be no fitting issues.  My feet are always with me.

I thought I’d take something else to knit on the airplane, something a bit more complicated but that doesn’t take up much space.  I have two main contenders right now – holler if you think one makes more sense than the other.

  1. Campanula Scarf.  I cast on for this last summer (yes, a full year ago) and am about 3 rows into it.  The yarn is 100% cashmere and it’s gorgeous, but it’s also really fine.  It sure doesn’t take up much space, though!IMG_9423
  2. Celtic Vine Fingerless Gloves. I got the Yakaboo yarn for this at MDSW’11 and the pattern came with it. The yarn is a wee skein (only 25 g). The pattern still isn’t in Ravelry – here is a not-so-great photo of the photo on my printout:IMG_9430 IMG_9429


I need to think about my wardrobe, too.  It has been “Texas hot” here in Pennsylvania lately and I’ve been living in sandals (or less).  Portland is easily 30 degrees cooler.  I can’t wait!  I’ll be sure to pack my little sock yarn shawls (cedar leaf and sugared violets) – they will come in handy in the convention center (which was chilly last time) and perhaps outdoors, as well.

Knitters, what else should I be thinking about?

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