Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Sock, No Scarf

This was a little surprising to me, but I didn’t have much time to knit while I was in Portland – either in the tourist-y part of the trip or while at Sock Summit.  The bulk of my knitting was completed on the plane.

On the way home yesterday, I finished the first sock of the pair I started just before I left:IMG_9661I think it will look a little nicer after blocking.  The dropped stitch sections (the part with ladders) are a little sloppy, but I expect the yarn to settle down a bit after a bath.  Then again, this 100% superwash BFL is quite lively and springy as it is.  Maybe the floats WON’T settle down.  We shall see.

I decided to discontinue the dropped stitch pattern partway down the instep because those sections are going to be weaker than anyplace else.  I figure there’s no reason to subject them to the friction of a shoe.  I kept going long enough that you’ll be able to see the pattern through a Mary Jane strap, but not all the way to the toe decrease.

Also on this trip, I learned that I really don’t care for knitting laceweight yarn.  I spent the longest time getting through one repeat of this lace pattern, and I just don’t like it! IMG_9667 There’s nothing wrong with the pattern and the scarf will be lovely (the yarn is 100% cashmere), but I don’t like knitting it.  Does anyone else want to finish it?  I’ll give you the yarn if you take this project off my hands!  I think I would happily knit the pattern on heavier yarn, but not this thin stuff.  Look how thick it is next to my lifeline (which is dental floss).  It’s super thin.

I know I still need to show you the goodies I got at the Sock Summit marketplace… but I haven’t photographed them yet.  This is just a quick update.  Oh, I have to show you the birthday aliens, too! 


  1. Oh, but I LOVE laceweight yarn! and I imagine laceweight in cashmere is divine in my world! Could one choose a different project? :)

  2. The laceweight is yours, Gretchen. Make whatever you like with it! I might make that scarf pattern out of plumper yarn at some point...

  3. I knew I should get through my lists of unread blogs faster! Enjoy, Gretchen!