Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FO: Weekend Hat

I finished the patent stitch hat in a weekend!  Cast on Friday evening, finished Sunday evening:IMG_9839 As usual, I overbought yarn.  I purchased 2 balls (110 yards/50 g each) of each color, but used less than one.  I have 19 grams remaining of the grey yarn and only 8 of the purple.  I’m not sure why…  So if you want to make this hat, it is a 100 gram project (50 grams of each color in worsted weight).

The way the decreases come together at the top never ceases to amuse me:IMG_9837 I knit a good 8.5” before beginning the decreases, partly because the crown of the hat isn’t very big, but also to give the recipient lots of flexibility in how much to cuff the hat.  This is Boy 1 modeling the hat (he has a BIG head but still, he is a boy).  That hat was meant for a kid but would also fit an adult.  I find there’s not THAT much difference between child and adult heads.  Babies, yes, but not children.IMG_9836 And now… it’s time to get ready for the bus stop.  Have a great day!


  1. Do the bus stop!

    That hat is super cute. I really like what the "wrong" side looks like with all the patent stitches showing on the underside. Nice

  2. Wow, that NEVER happens at our bus stop. Maybe it's time for a change