Monday, September 19, 2011



It’s high apple season here in south central Pennsylvania. There’s a chill in the air most mornings.  The leaves are beginning to turn.  And it’s time to knit some fall hats.

The yellow: New England Highland, color “gold,” 100% wool, 2-ply, 100 g, 200 yards.

The red: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, color “long johns,” 100% wool, 2-ply woolen spun, 100 g (total), 280 yards (2 balls combined).

There are 12 slouchy hats in my Ravelry favorites.  Which one will be first?


Steven said...
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Steven said...

I like "Litha."

Having said that, I had to laugh a bit when I recalled Jesse Thorn over at Put This On referring to these kinds of hats as having a "reservoir tip." ;-)