Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maple Leaf Do Rag

IMG_0027The leaves are turning here.  Some have already turned orange and fallen off, but the maple trees near my house are slower to change.  They can be green and yellow and orange all at once.IMG_0031This weekend, I made a very seasonal hat for S1.  The yarn is Harrisville Designs New England Highland in color “High Gold.”  It’s a woolen-spun 2-ply yarn a lot like Shelter.


The pattern is Melissa LaBarre’s November Leaves, which calls for Shelter, so I knew this substitution would work well (both yarns are spun at the same mill in New Hampshire).  I got a different gauge (her pattern calls for 5 st/in and I got 4 st/in), so I had to modify the numbers – but my mods worked perfectly.  I made the “beret” version, but it’s worn as a slouchy hat…IMG_0017…or kind of a do rag, to keep one’s hair under control on a windy day!  With apologies to Scott Joplin, I’m calling this one the Maple Leaf Do Rag. 

In other knitting news, I was the very lucky recipient of a pair of Steven’s Woodland Winter Mittens – the October version.  Look how pretty!IMG_0025


These will be so cozy when the temperature dips lower.  I can actually wear them in my climate!  They fit great, and I love them.  Thanks, Steven!!!IMG_0021


  1. Wow! I love everything in this post - lovely High Gold yarn, beautiful hat that looks perfect on, and Steven's mittens are stunning. Wonderful fall accessories!

  2. I got to see those mittens while they were still on the needles! They came out splendidly. Now I'm having cold weather envy. Sigh.

  3. I've worn those mittens twice already! It warmed up this week so they are out of rotation... but they'll be back very soon, I'm sure.