Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scrappy socks

Boy 1’s Crazy Brown Socks – knit entirely from scraps – are done!IMG_6372 Boy 1’s feet are creeping up closer and closer to my size.  For plain vanilla stockinette socks, I cast on 64 for myself.  These are 56.  15 rounds of 2x2 rib at the cuff, then 15 rounds of each crazy scrap divided by 3 rounds of brown.  I LOVE how they came out.IMG_6378I used techknitter’s jogless stripes, but they very clearly still jog to my eye.  Maybe you just have to tug the yarn tight enough in socks that the technique doesn’t work so well.  You can see the jog clearly on the right side of his right foot above. When I do this again, I may move the yarn join to the back/bottom of the sock.

I chose an afterthought heel so as not to disturb the striping pattern down the foot and also because Boy 1 really liked the idea of having solid brown at the cuff, heel, and toe.  They look so silly in this view!IMG_6374Boy 1 chose many leftover balls of yarn.  I edited his collection a bit to make the colors work better together.  (I told myself that this is because he’s red-green color blind, not because I wanted to overly control his socks – ha!)  I only removed balls – I did not add, honest!  Also, I chose to use 100% superwash merino scraps in the topmost position only (just below the ribbed cuff) where they won’t be subject to heavy wear.  I put stronger yarns around the heel and on the foot.

I made them a tad too long in the foot – intentionally.  He’s growing quickly and he gets so sad when his socks don’t fit.  And he doesn’t seem to mind them being a bit big.  Having that extra fabric at the toe would drive me crazy, but he doesn’t seem to notice.IMG_6379

This “feet in the air” post got a big laugh.  He is such a willing and cooperative model! And there’s my compost bin – again!IMG_6380 I finished these Friday night.  Saturday morning he had them on – so we did photos right away.  This morning (Sunday) he has them on again.  We’ll see what tomorrow holds. 


  1. These socks are wonderful! I bet every member of your family is asking for their own pair. I'm also the mother of two sons (21 & 18) and I applaud and encourage you to take control wherever and whenever you can. Far too soon, the only thing you can try to overly control is their socks!

  2. Bonny - ha! Even if I make the sock colors look good together, I can't control what he wears with them. On both Saturday and Sunday, his shirt choice really had nothing to do with his sock choice. Except that he liked both of them.

  3. A little behind on my blog reading -- these are fantastic! The photo shoot poses made me giggle, too. So nice that your boys appreciate hand-knit socks!

  4. Love them! Isn't it great when your kids are so into your knitting? And your property is gorgeous!