Thursday, January 12, 2012

Status update – Vodka Gimlet

Friends, my math has failed me.  I finished one sleeve but it’s a good 3” too long.  Oops!IMG_0533 This is not a fine example of photography (or styling) but you get the idea.  Luckily, this is a top down design, so I can just rip back.  I could:

  1. Just turn up the cuff and call it done
  2. Rip back the cuff about 3” and bind off again
  3. Rip back the sleeve about 9” and start the 6” cuff again

After a bit of mulling, I’ve decided to take route #3.

I’m still not sure if I knit this to the best size.  I think it might be kind of big in the body, and I think maybe I should have put the waist detail a little higher.  But it’s all about the learning, right?

While we were taking photos, S1 said “you know you have some big holes in the back, right?”  WHAT?!??  She said, “yeah, you know, like missing stitches.”  Minor panic.  I told her to photograph the holes.  Here is what she got:IMG_0525Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that is just where I changed balls and haven’t woven in the ends yet.  No big deal.  But she got my blood pumping for a few minutes there. IMG_0534I do like how this yarn looks knit up.  So pretty in stockinette, and so pretty with the small slipped stitch detail.  And see how the slipped stitches happen on both sides of the neck band?  Nice touch.


I’m briefly turning my attention to the minion hats because my little minions are clamoring for them.  But I will get back to Vodka Gimlet as soon as possible.


  1. I just have to say, since she had the sweater on, I couldn't see the unwoven ends, so to my eyes it looked like HUGE HOLES. But, I should have know better than to say anything, especially since I knew this was a photoshoot to document the long sleeve, and Janelle had just mentioned that she thought the sweater made her look fat. That is NEVER a good time to mention holes in a sweater...

  2. *I agree with route #3.
    *The sweater does NOT make you look fat.
    *Better to hear about possible problems sooner rather than later, so good call S1 for documenting that there really aren't HUGE HOLE problems.
    *Those holes made me catch my breath a bit, too!
    *If you decide you aren't 100% happy with size and waist detail placement, maybe you'll have to knit another one.
    *I think it looks wonderful and will look even better with two proper length sleeves and no HUGE HOLES!

  3. Hahaha! Now I'm even more motivated to finish up those minion hats so I can get back to this full force!

  4. Option 3 is what I would have done to. I wise knitter (you) once told me , "You're just gonna be knitting something else -- might as well be knitting on this until you get it the way you want it." Or words to that affect.

    If I had been drinking coffee while reading Sharon's comment, it would have come out of my nose.

  5. Oh yeah, I DID say that, didn't I? :)

  6. Hi Janelle,
    This is a question -- from another librarian -- about sizing. This is my first "adult sweater" and it better fit because I love the pattern and the (pricey Madeleintosh) yarn I'm using. I'm about to do sleeve separation, and I'm not sure about the size, and would appreciate your reflection about the relationship between the pattern "sizes" and your own size. I'm a 37" bust and I am knitting a size 38 and would like it to fit like the picture -- comfy but not sloppy. Thanks for any advice! Sarah

  7. Hi Sarah,

    My actual bust size is 36-36.5 or somewhere in there...(am I supposed to type this on the internet?!?) I made the size 38 because other sweaters I like measured that size. So mine is worn with positive ease, but not very much. Hope this helps!