Friday, February 3, 2012

New sock

I cast on for this sock many weeks ago when I needed something to begin during one of Kris’s and my Thai knitting lunchdates, but then it languished.  Until now!  This is a fairly simple sock with a little surprise.  When it’s on the needle, it doesn’t look like much.  Mostly stockinette:IMG_0649But look what happens when it’s on a person (or a water bottle) – the stockinette forms branches!


The pattern is called “Hickory” and it’s in Clara Parkes’ The Knitter’s Book of Socks.  I’m using some of my Sock Summit 2011 yarn, a lovely 3-ply 80/20 BFL/nylon blend from Huckleberry Knits.  The colorway name is Creme Brulee.IMG_0651This yarn feels sheepier than the usual merino blends.  I’m anxious to see if it will wear well.  It should, as BFL is a longwool breed and those long staples should add strength to the yarn.  I sure hope it works well, as I bought 4 different colorways!  (My excuse was that I was hungry at the time.)

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  1. That is a very cool effect! And that's a sign of excellent tension if you can't see the purls between the knits. I would expect no less!