Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring = Felici

IMG_0988Flowers are blooming and trees are blossoming, I am sneezing, and knitters’ thoughts turn to spring-y socks and accessories made from sock yarn.  Kris, Julie, and I placed a joint order (29 balls!) that is molto felici (very happy):IMG_0987 Mmmmmm.  Only a bit of this is mine.  2 balls of Stream Bed:IMG_09942 balls of Monochrome: IMG_0992 And 4 balls of Sunny Day:IMG_0990That was actually a goof.  I meant to get 2 balls of Sunny Day and 2 balls of Too Cool, but clearly I erred.  There is no Too Cool here.  Gettysburg knitters, holler if you’re placing a Knit Picks order soon and I’ll add my Too Cool to it!   I can make S1 a pair of socks from Sunny Day and then make a BSJ out of the remainder.  It takes me slightly over 2 balls to make the BSJ, and I can definitely finish it using sock leftovers.  So I won’t plan to return or trade those extra balls.  Hey, maybe I should add “perfect yarn for BSJ” to my Ode to Felici list…

Speaking of Felici BSJ, my colleague’s baby has been sporting hers about town and getting lots of compliments.  But who wouldn’t get compliments on a baby this adorable!chloe wearing sweaterAnd while we’re on the topic, I’ll share a photo of my current office knitting project, an older colorway of Felici called Matador:IMG_0986 You can see I’ve just put in waste yarn for an afterthought heel.

Hope you’re having a felici day!

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  1. I like the colors you chose -- why are they all so dark? Matador is good, too, though -- and that is one darlin' baby!

    I got to see picture of Jeff's cousin's daughter, wearing her BSJ in Chicago at Christmas. Her mother picked out a whole outfit to compliment it -- including baby Ugg boots! Too cute!