Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Progress report

I haven’t posted in a while… because I’m still working on all the same three projects.  I can happily report that I finished the first sock of the pair, though:IMG_0051 Look at that eye of partridge stitch on the heel – so subtle. It will wear like iron but not be bulky at all – love it!IMG_0048 This “willow” color is so hard to capture.  This (below) is truest to life (please ignore the weed):IMG_0050 I have been knitting furiously on my Color Affection shawl.  I didn’t realize until I won the laceweight yarn kit from Miss Babs that the pattern included a laceweight option – I’d only seen fingering versions before that.  The two shawls have the same dimensions.  You know what that means, right?  There are WAY more stitches in the laceweight version!  I just keep going and going and going and still have a fair bit to knit. Here is a shot of the three-color striping section:IMG_0055 Just as evidence that it’s growing.

I’m slowing spinning my SPAKAL fiber, too.  I have 29 little fiber-y nests and I’ve just spun #11.  Here it is!IMG_0061 I have four wood bobbins and I’ve been filling them each with one ounce before transferring them to the storage bobbins.  I do this with a power drill.  Have I showed you this yet?  Maybe not.

IMG_1479The rubber band on the drill bit helps grip the plastic bobbin so that it spins properly.  I find I can get through 4 bobbins or so before the band breaks.  Then I go hunting for another one.  I’ve been labeling the storage bobbins in the order they are spun so that I can randomize when I ply.  I suppose if I were truly random I would put them in a box and shake them up… but I think we all know I don’t quite roll that way.  Accession numbers are in order.

What are you up to this summer?

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  1. Accession numbers! That is so, so you. And I see absolutely nothing wrong with it!

    This summer I'm knitting Christmas Balls -- pretty much constantly...