Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Post-Sandy report

IMG_2202The storm left leaves everywhere – in some cases, quite beautifully!

I darned a sock yesterday using a different method (Cookie A’s).  Here is the hole in the heel:IMG_2200 Here’s what it looks like from the outside after the repair:IMG_2207I used a different yarn to darn.  The original yarn had no nylon; the repair yarn does.  And here’s what it looks like from the inside: IMG_2208 This technique is very interesting.  The patch is partly new knitting and partly duplicate stitch (on the edges).  I will report back about its effectiveness at a future date!


I also got started on Boy 1’s sweater.  Mmmm, gray tweed…IMG_2212


  1. Dang! Or I suppose I should say, Darn! You'll have to teach me. And that gray tweed yarn makes me feel all tingly!

  2. We'll try to have Tweedy ready to model for you in Austin!