Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rhinebeck haul, and a walk across the water

This morning I managed to snag some photographs of the fiber-y things I bought at Rhinebeck (though I never managed to shoot my new coffee mug, and it’s in the dishwasher right now, which is running, so no picture for you).  The mug is black and it has this logo on it:

I’m not talking about a coveted Jennie the Potter mug – I didn’t get in line soon enough to snag one of those (though I have one from MDSW a few years ago that I use all the time). I mean a big, industrial, ceramic mug that holds LOTS of coffee.  Yum.

Anyway, here is the first fiber I bought:IMG_2151 It’s Romney roving and I’ll admit, I was sucked in by the sale price – only $10 for nearly a pound of fiber.  It looks well-prepared.  I intend to practice my woolen-style, long-draw spinning with it.  My default spinning style is worsted and I’d like to be more versatile.


Later, I found a shawl pin from Koko Noelle that will work with my new Leaflet sweater (I also wore it with a shawl earlier this week):IMG_2152 The ring is ceramic (even though it looks kind of metallic) and the stick is wood.

I also got this luscious 85/15 Polworth/Silk top (I think it’s top) in a lavender-grayish color, from Into the Whirled:IMG_2159 I got it to contrast with the gradiated Fiber Optic fiber I got at MDSW’12 – they will be made into a Spectra someday.

And finally, I got 4 skeins of Birte from Spirit Trail Fiberworks.  Ravelry says this is DK weight; it looks smaller than that to me.  It’s 75% superwash merino/15% cashmere/10% bombyx silk, and 100% loverly.  My colorway is “Mediterranean”:IMG_2154And after shooting these pictures, I realized that this yarn is the exact same color that we’re painting our house right now: IMG_2157 I guess I have this color on the brain!  Judy and I will be making the Vodka Lemonade sweater out of this yarn.  She got Birte in “Seagrass.”

On Sunday morning, we went to a really neat state park in Poughkeepsie called Walkway over the Hudson.  It’s an old railroad bridge that was restored and converted to a park.IMG_2135 The view was simply fabulous.




If this was a colorway, I’d call it Rhinebeck:IMG_2145

What a wonderful weekend.  Thank you, my friends.  I will treasure these memories – and of course, the fiber!


  1. Thanks for your Rhinebeck recap. I haven't been to Rhinebeck or MDSW as the thought of all those crowds makes me break out in hives, but I enjoyed your comparison. That Mediterranean Birte is gorgeous and how clever of you to knit Vodka Lemonade to match your house! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and fun!

  2. What wonderful things! I wish there were guys' knits that required shawl pins -- that looks really cool. And words can't describe how jealous I am of the breathtaking fall foliage you saw in New York. When I was in Lubbock, I saw yellow tree, but it might have just been dead...