Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sparkles and Clown

I’ve been waiting to show you the latest Ribband I made because the recipient sometimes visits the blog… this is a very special orange and blue one for a proud Gettysburg College mom whom I met on Ravelry:IMG_0408

I think the orange beads read a little bit “gold,” but the package says “orange” and there’s no oranger orange in the line. This version is made from fingering weight yarn because that’s where I found a good blue.IMG_0409

When I was putting this into Ravelry, I realized that I missed another Ribband I made as a Christmas gift – this one is for my sister outlaw:IMG_0453

This is laceweight yarn (you can tell the difference, right?) and the beads are called “rainbow purple” which I just love.IMG_0451

That’s it for the beaded jewelry – for now.

I’m also nearing the finish line on S1’s Sebastian gloves! This is Glove #2 and all I need to do is weave in a jillion ends. Then I’ll think about embellishing the top a little bit, but that shouldn’t take long.glove

I’ve been referring to these as “clown gloves” – hence the post title.

That’s my pre-holiday update.

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