Sunday, February 17, 2013

Turning a corner?

I’m still struggling to finish a few things that have been on the needles for a while, but I think things are looking up. Most importantly, I finally finished the Fishbone Gansey Socks. This is the only half decent photo I could get as the light waned this afternoon. I’ll get more this week.IMG_0813These socks feel so warm. First of all, the fiber blend is literally quite heavy – the socks weigh 139 grams (I have 54 grams of yarn left). Second, the blend is Jacob/alpaca/mohair, so it’s going to be warmer than your average sock yarn.

Yesterday I realized I had decreased the foot to 66 stitches on the second sock, rather than the 64 I did on sock #1. But I soldiered on, determined to finish SOMETHING this weekend.
In other knitting news:
  • I wrestled with the zipper on Boy 1’s sweater and I don’t think it’s going to go in right. Julie wisely said “why are so many knitters afraid of sewing with thread? If that’s the best way to put the zipper in, just do it.” Well, I’m not afraid of thread, so I’m going to try it.
  • Boy 2’s Felici hat. I’m going to soldier ahead with picking up the provisional CO. I think I’m having trouble because I started knitting a 1x1 twisted rib into the CO. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Live and learn.
Have you heard about the Use It or Lose It (UILI) contest going on in the Stash & Burn group? I’m in. These blasted black socks will be my second project of the year. I need to get motoring on something for #3. The gray sweater won’t count since I started it way last October.

UPDATE! Here are some better photos I took Monday morning. I'm wearing these socks today, because it was 21 degrees when I had to decide what to wear. Brrrr!

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  1. These socks turned out great. So happy you had a frigid morning to inaugurate them with!