Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So nice I made them twice

P1010372Remember the cozy warm Sebastian Gloves I made for S1 last December? They were the warmest hand coverings I’ve ever knit, and I promised myself a pair for this year. I took this project along on our big road trip.P1010378Does it look cold in these pictures? It’s not. I put on my fleece jacket to try to trick you, though!

I made a size larger than I did last time, since pair #1 was a big snug on me. This yarn (Julia – 50% wool, 25% alpaca, 25% mohair) is a joy to work with, even in the heat.

Not only is the weather fake in these photos, I didn’t even have coffee in my cup. Ha! P1010374Since I cast on for these while we were camping in the Canyon area of Yellowstone NP, I’ll share a couple photos from there. This is a classic view of the lower falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (you can see a snowy chunk to the left of the falls):P1000890

Here is a rainbow at the base of the upper falls:


Here are some of the gorgeous lupine we saw on the Lupine Loop ranger hike – they made me a little sad that I haven’t been in Texas during bluebonnet season in many years:

P1000849 And this is an elk thistle! Truman Everts survived by eating this. Ranger Brian told us the spellbinding story of Everts, who was lost for 37 days but survived (see this book).


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  1. Poor Truman! I bet hw wished he had these vibrant and snazzy gloves during his days of peril. Nice fake winter styling!