Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to BFL

Steven and Jeff gave me some gorgeous, hand-dyed BFL for Christmas. Don’t you just want to plunge your hands into this?

IMG_0709You can see that it was already divided into 3 pieces (weighing about 2 oz each), so I decided that this should be a 3-ply yarn. I spun the singles on my 12.5:1 whorl. I got 2/3 done before our big trip and then spun the last section afterwards. This color is more true here (taken in natural light, not in my dim January studio as the top picture was):bfl

And here is what it became!P1010490

The final yarn isn’t as tightly twisted as I meant it to be, but it is balanced, and that’s probably for the best. Here is a closer look at the ply angle:

3 ply crop It’s not perfect. It’s not even as good as the best yarn I’ve made so far. But I’d been away from the wheel for a while, and now I’m back on it again, which is a good thing.

In all, I got about 333 yards of 3-ply, weighing 149 g. My bobbins weren’t even at all, so I made some 2-ply after that (got 77 yards weighing 22 g). Here’s a closeup of the 3-ply:2 ply crop Now I just have to decide what to spin next!

Any suggestions on what to make with this yarn?

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  1. Jeff and I are so impressed with the yarn that you made from this! The blue is way bluer than either of us remembered. It's just so lovely! No idea what to make -- but we're glad you liked it and had the skills to spin it up so nicely.