Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Too bad, so sad

Here’s my CustomFit update.

On Sunday, we took my measurements (which is almost as fun as going shopping for a new swimsuit, let me tell you) and I plugged them into CustomFit.

When I got to the part about entering swatch specifications, I realized that my swatch wasn’t quite large enough. Amy really wants at least 6” in each direction, and somehow I had less than that. So I started a second grey swatch (swatch #5, in case you’re counting). This one is nice and big, about 8” wide.greyswatch2I finished my second grey swatch, washed it, and measured it very carefully using the Amy Herzog CustomFit method. You can see how that works above. Instead of measuring how many stitches/rows you have over 4”, you just measure as many stitches/rows as you want (outlined in red yarn) and then also record the number of inches over which you count those stitches/rows. You also measure and weigh the entire swatch. I plugged all that in.

Time to design a sweater! I tried to create something that wouldn’t take much yarn: a short-sleeved cardigan that wasn’t too long and had only a 1” button band. When I got the end of the process, I got this: image

DOH! I do not have anywhere close to 1168 yards of yarn. I have 801 meters, which is about 875 yards, and that includes both of the swatches I’ve made. This is the very special yarn from France that is certainly not easy (if even possible) to get more of.

You know what this means. There is more swatching in my future, using yarn I don’t even have yet. And I’m not casting on for a sweater any time soon.

I never thought it would be this hard for a knitter to make a sweater. I must be overthinking this somehow!

…I should go shopping, right?


  1. After all those swatches, you definitely need (and deserve!) to go shopping. I'm hoping all the swatching and measuring will result in a well-fitting sweater that you really love. I knew there was a reason I haven't knit a sweater since my kids were little!