Monday, December 30, 2013

Another cowl from the Great White Bale

You may recall that Great White Bale Explorers recently received 3 skeins of yarn from Lot 4. Two were dyed a brilliant fuchsia and one was undyed. The jewel tone pink is gorgeous but not quite my color… much better on S1!cowl crop 2She has been wearing her Honey Cowl quite a bit in recent weeks and requested something similar. She wanted a cowl, but something very simple with a bit of texture. After some looking at stitch dictionaries, she picked good ole’ moss stitch. I did a little swatch and played with an applied i-cord edging – it makes such a clean, finished edge. The resulting garment is completely reversible, which I love.cowl crop 1

Here’s my pattern, such as it is:

US 7 needle. CO 212. Work rounds 1 and 2 in *K2 P2* and rounds 3 and 4 in *P2 K2*. Work until you have about 6”, or a little less width than you’d like (I worked 42 rows). Bind off in knit. Work applied i-cord on both the CO and BO edges, using a needle one size larger (I used US 8) so it’s not too tight.P1020895My finished piece is 6.25” wide and about 28” in circumference. It has a nubbly, snuggly texture and is very light, thanks to the woolen-spun yarn construction. My finished cowl weighs 110 grams. I have 75 grams of pink yarn remaining in my second ball.

I still have yarn remaining from all 4 GWB yarn shipments, but I’ve knit a cowl from each and every one. I’m so pleased to have accomplished that during 2013!


  1. I have some yarn that's earmarked for a cowl, but I hadn't found the perfect pattern. I think you've created the pattern I've been looking for - completely reversible with no worry about curling. Thanks so much for sharing. I think S1's big smile says it all!

  2. Bonny, I think your reservations about the edge treatment on the Honey Cowl are what put this applied i-cord edge into my subconscious. I swatched a reverse stockinette rolled edge and it didn't look right in this yarn (I think it works better in fine yarns). Since I had a little swatch, I tried the applied i-cord on the BO edge and liked it. Thanks to the swatch, I learned that it's important to go up a needle size. So thank YOU for planting this weed in my brain!