Monday, March 31, 2014

Monkey 3


Thanks to some classroom knitting (#bepressu), these socks are now done. This is the third time I’ve knit Cookie A’s addictive Monkey sock pattern. There is a free version on and an update with many sizing options in her book, Knit. Sock. Love. IMG_2982

I chose to knit these with a plain foot rather than continuing the pattern down the top of the sock. S1 doesn’t wear open shoes or Mary Janes, so the top doesn’t show. Plain stockinette is more comfortable (and also speedier to work).

For strength, I chose the eye-of-partridge heel. It’s bulletproof. Just look at that heel… I defy it to develop a hole. IMG_2987

I am fonder than I expected of this color. Perhaps I am influenced by my outrageously positive feelings about Yellowstone National Park (who wouldn’t be?). This is a yellowish-brown, which isn’t exactly showy, but next to blue jeans (or my blue house) it looks quite yellow in a subtly fun way. IMG_2984

Another pair of socks done.

On my way home from Berkeley, I finished the second sleeve of my grey sweater. Yesterday I blocked the sleeves and the front. So now it’s time to seam.

For an entire day, I had nothing on the needles. (GASP) Then I cast on a sock in this yarn, which will most definitely pool in a strange way. But S1 is into that, so into the pool we go. I do find it intriguing to see how different it is in the skein and in the ball. IMG_0998



  1. I hope you haven't angered the sock gods by challenging the heel to develop a hole! Those are really lovely socks. I think I feel the same way about the color; somebody could dye a National Park series of sock yarn and I'd probably buy them all, especially Glacier!

  2. Haha! I did think twice about typing that defiant comment about the heel stitch. Fingers crossed.

    Lots of the American B.R.A.N.D. yarns seem to be named after national parks - or at least great natural resources in the U.S.

  3. Your monkeys shine! And what do you mean, S1 doesn't wear Mary Janes? I'd pay money to see that. And from where I'm sitting a few hours of airplane knitting would be welcome, indeed.