Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Pam Socks

These have been finished for over a week, but I finally got some photos and a few minutes to share. IMG_3271

I feel like I should get double points for these (haha, sock knitting humor) because I knit socks from the stash of stash. Lemme ‘splain. All this yarn came from leftovers from other projects. I didn’t really consider it “stash” to begin with because it had already been used. But I got still another project out of it!

IMG_0845I once had two balls of this Felici in color Aquarium, but I used one of them for Boy 2’s Double Happy Hat.

IMG_6393I once had a ball of SSYC Simply Sock Yarn in color Chartreuse, but I used some of it for Boy 2’s Fjordland socks.

IMG_3270I knit these toe-up, using Cat Bordhi’s Whirlpool toe. This toe is a little roomy, as it increases by 6 stitches every other round. I like the toe but I think I’ll back it down to 4 stitches every increase round in the future.

I divided my ball of Felici into equal parts (thanks to my trusty kitchen scale) so that I could use every bit of it. When I got to the end of my first ball, I was at one of the light green stripes. That color is too close to the chartreuse, so I fretted. I didn’t want to rip the cuff back and make it shorter. Then I remembered that I had a bit of Felici left over from the first ball and the hat project. I keep all my little balls of leftover Felici in a jar – they look so pretty:IMG_3329It’s a pretty big jar – I put the coffee mug in for scale. In the end, I used 55 grams of Felici and 21 grams of Chartreuse.

These socks really look like spring, don’t they? I hope Pam loves them.


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