Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pink is the new black

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been fighting with (some of) my knitting again. I’m not ready to talk about the Sprig sweater. Maybe later in the week.

IMG_3805Instead, let’s talk about socks. I finished my easy portable project recently. These are super plain vanilla socks that look fun because of the yarn. They are for Boy 1, who still adores handknit socks and keeps growing out of them. He also happens to be a willing and cheerful sock model, striking poses without even being asked:IMG_3804You’ll notice that these are a bit long in the foot. That is intentional, since he’s growing pretty regularly and I’d like these to fit when cooler weather returns in the fall.IMG_3796And look at this – imported yarn! One of my book groupies just got back from a semester in New Zealand. I asked her to get me some possum yarn if she ran across it. I made some socks from a possum blend years ago, and I wear them all the time in the dead of winter – they may be the warmest pair I own. The New Zealand possum is not the same as our North American critter, and it is a menace. They are definitely killed, but they would be killed whether or not the fur was harvested. Here is a little bit more about it if you’re interested.IMG_3798This yarn that Ashlyn selected is a possum/merino/silk blend, which means it has both halo and drape, an unusual combo. I definitely have enough for socks. But… it is a 2-ply yarn, which makes me think more about a cozy lacy shawl. So I’m not sure yet what it will be, but I know it’ll be very warm.IMG_3797I don’t have a photo of my gradient cowl today because I left that project at work. But it’s behaving nicely now and I’m past the midpoint. The colors are going backwards again. I’ll show you that next time.


  1. After seeing those terrific socks I'm wondering why I've never knit with ONline. That pink possum yarn is really lovely. I've also never knit with possum yarn, but I may have to try some now that I know it's not spun from our North American rat-like possums!