Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aquarius Gradient Cowl


I finished this cowl weeks ago and somehow didn’t quite get around to sharing it. Here it is, all finished.cowla

I worked a picot edge which is folded and sewn down during finishing. If I were to write this up, I would try to attach the hem as I was knitting it. I think the turned stockinette section is a bit deep before it moves into the scale pattern, but I did that so it would be easier to sew the hem (reverse stockinette is easy to follow; the reverse of the scale stitch is not).IMG_4253Overall, I’m pleased with this. It’s not too deep for me to wear throughout the day in my chilly office, but it will still be nice to wear with a coat. The scale pattern shows off the shifting colors of this yarn well. IMG_4252Kris bought a Miss Babs gradient set in green and she might test knit a cowl just like this. If it works for her, I’ll post the pattern in Ravelry.


I have just noticed that Miss Babs is now making a gradient set in that green color I am such a sucker for (this is her photo): Cetus - Gradient Set

Be still my heart. Please let me be satisfied with just the Aquarius!!!IMG_4254


  1. Gorgeous! I think you may be the Queen of Color - the gradient is really highlighted against your door, and I love how you coordinated the cowl with your hair streak and even a bit of blue in your glasses frames! That green gradient is very nice; it might look even better hanging on your door!

  2. I can't wait to see this in Ravelry! Beautiful and I think I have just the Miss Babs gradient... But I'm not adverse to buying another :-)

  3. Step away from the Babs! No -- seriously, get it. It's you. Perfectly door-colored! The cowl turned out so beautifully. And Bonny is right -- the hair/cowl/glasses coordination is magical. Great job!

  4. So...do you remember when we agreed that I would knit up a second such cowl using your pattern? Did that write up ever materialize?