Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hedgehog sighting


Daylight Savings Time has ended, so it’s time to start thinking about this year’s C3 party – that’s Crafts, Cookies, and Cocktails, in case you forgot. This has become a fun anti-stress event that S1 and I look forward to hosting each December. There is always a knitting craft as well as some other crafts that require no special skills.IMG_4995 It is a challenge to find a knitted craft that can be made within an hour or two – while drinking and socializing. I was charmed by this hedgehog pattern and did a test knit last Saturday. I’m sad to report that as cute as he is, he took more than 2 hours, so I don’t think he’s the right craft for this party.


Hedgie is awfully cute, though. Boy 2 is IN LOVE with him and picked up the needles again to make his own version. Here’s the thing, though: this project requires the PURL STITCH, which he doesn’t know. I’ve tried to teach him but he’s had none of it. Now he’s motivated to learn it, so things are going a little better!

Has anyone read this book? Other titles by Jan Brett are charming in a simple, old-fashioned way, but this one is quite a departure for her. When we first read this to our toddlers, S1 and I looked at each other and said “Was Jan Brett on crack when she wrote this? It’s so unlike her!” Next time you’re in the children’s room of your local public library, take a quick look.

#CardiParty update – I finished knitting the sleeves of S1’s Christmas sweater a couple weeks ago (remember, it’s the Cushing Isle CustomFit pattern). Here’s the proof: IMG_4632The fronts are taking me longer because the stitch pattern requires some attention – this isn’t portable knitting I can do at work. I buckled down last weekend and made enough progress on the right front that I finished it last night. No photos yet– you can look forward to that next time.

Hedgie says bye-bye for now!



  1. I do like hedgie and am glad Boy 2 has an incentive to learn the purl stitch. I will definitely take a look at Hedgie Blasts Off, if only to wonder what illicit substance Jan Brett was on. I love her hedgehog and other animal illustrations in The Mitten and Annie & the Wild Animals, but this one looks pretty bizarre. Looking forward to seeing what ornament you decide on for C3!

  2. This is quite darling -- and that last shot has me laughing out loud. Good for Boy 2!