Saturday, February 14, 2015

Winter is for sweaters

I cast on a new sweater a couple of weeks ago. I’ve had requests from two family members who want sweaters, and while I’m happy to oblige, neither project can be made from stash yarn of which I have sweater quantities. I didn’t feel right purchasing more yarn when I have yarn. So I did some quick searching on Ravelry, tried not to overthink, and started a new sweater.


The yarn is Bartlettyarn Fisherman 2-ply that I purchased at MDSW in 2013. I swatched with it over a year ago when planning my first CustomFit sweater. I decided then that that yarn was a little too chunky and a little too rustic for that first sweater. But now I’m returning to it to make a CustomFit version of Stonington by Amy Herzog.fronts blocking This yarn is knitting up very quickly. Before I knew it, I had the back and two fronts done. I’m over halfway through sleeve #1 right now. Soon I’ll need to shop for buttons and a shirt to wear with it. This yarn is crunchy enough (even after rinsing with hair conditioner) that I’ll find it uncomfortable right next to my neck. You’ll notice that Amy models hers with a collared shirt, which is what I’ll do once I own one.

IMG_5552 The yarn color is true in the top picture, not the blocking photos. But I couldn’t resist sharing the view of blocking pins on the horizon. Those little yellow flowers always make me smile.


Because I had this swatch on file and my measurements were already in the CustomFit website, this was an easy project to jump into. I really wish I had the sweater ready to wear NOW. The weather forecast calls for sweaters:image But I’m so distracted! I received a 15” Cricket loom for Valentine’s Day this morning and I want to play with that! What a luxury of troubles to have.

Hope you have some fiber love today!


  1. I love the yarn you're using! Still summer here but I'm thinking of my next sweater

  2. Your superpower is most definitely swatching.