Wednesday, September 30, 2015


IMG_8477 Remember the mystery fiber blend I got at MDSW earlier this year? This is from Sweitzer’s Fiber Mill, and it’s a blend of leftover this and that from many yarn orders. (Dianna at The Knitting Boutique said that some of it is probably from their yarn clubs!) I decided it was time to start spinning it.


I spun a small sample, washed the yarn, knitted a swatch from that, and washed it, too. I forgot to take photos before I washed either one, so I can’t show you how much this yarn puffs up after its bath. This swatch is more substantial than expected, even though I spun the singles on 14:1 and it is only a 2-ply yarn!IMG_8983 I really like that the yarn is grey from a distance, but lots of colors closer up. (I wish I could say I made up “greynbow” on my own, but I heard it somewhere…)IMG_8480 I measured the roving out into 1 oz pieces and wound them into little nests so they are ready to go. You can really see the color variation in some of these photos.IMG_8481There is even a little glitz every so often! Can you see the blue sparkly strand in this photo below?


I’ll keep my one-ounce sections separate in order to spread out the color variation when plying. This is what a bobbin looks like with only one ounce of singles on it:IMG_8986 I’m spinning this long draw and it’s very enjoyable.

Next I need to decide if I will continue working on this during Spinzilla (which starts October 5), or put it aside to do another project that I might be able to start and finish inside of 5 days. Spinzilla will be truncated for me this year, because we’re going camping on the weekend at the end of the spinning week. Doh! That causes me to lose a LOT of potential spinning and plying time. But camping will be great.

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  1. I liked the way this looked when you bought it. But I like it WAY more spun up. Quite lovely!