Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Greenery

As part of Project Stashbust, I recently unearthed two beautiful skeins of Cormo Silk Alpaca from Barb Parry at Springdelle Farm:3718189891_92979db18e_z

I heard her speak at the Common Cod Fiber Guild meeting in Boston waaaayyyy back in 2009. I had been hoarding this yarn for too long!

I had two skeins of DK weight yarn (140 grams total) and knew it was meant for something to be worn around the neck, as it is so soft. I settled on a very simple pattern called Autumn Scarf, which is designed in such a way that you can use every bit of the yarn. green scarf crop

It makes a long, skinny, asymmetrical scarf in garter stitch with some simple, graduated, lace edging:IMG_9621

I finished this in mid-December, and decided to wrap it up and give it to my mom for Christmas, since her favorite color is green. Here she is modeling it:IMG_9705


I think she was surprised to have a handknit gift under the tree, because remember I knit her the Sebasco vest as a combination birthday/Christmas present… I mailed it to her in Texas back in September so she could get more wear out of it. We were together at Christmas, and she wore it on Christmas Day. Finally I can get you some good photos of it!IMG_9699

She has one of my grandmother’s old pins on it, which adds a nice Christmas sparkle to the outfit. IMG_9701




It was a treat to see this sweater in person. And even though that edging was a bugger to knit, it looks really great.


  1. I can only imagine how soft that lovely scarf must be, and your mother's vest fits so well. If I ever knit a sweater it will definitely be CustomFit!
    P.S. I also really like your owls on the mantel!

  2. Bonny - this probably isn't a surprise, but the owls are made by S1!

  3. I LOVE seeing your mom in that vest. And the edging IS lovely. And you know that Bonny and I are now friends on Ravelry AND Goodreads!