Friday, February 26, 2016

It’s not bigger on the inside


So Boy 1 got a new hat this fall… maybe you remember it? It’s super hip and goes perfectly with his winter coat, which is mostly gray with some lime green stripes on it: crop2

But he hasn’t been wearing it much… turns out that the slouchy back hits his coat collar and pushes the brim down over his eyes. So he’s been wearing his old minion hat that I made four years ago:IMG_0544

I should have taken a new picture of the old minion hat for comparison… it’s much more faded and worn now. And it doesn’t cover as much of his head, either – he must be growing.

Anyway, I said I’d make him another beanie-style hat so it wouldn’t come down over his eyes. We sat down in front of Ravelry. I alllmmmmoooooossstttt had him sold on Windschief, but then he saw the Tardis Hat. I told him that if I had yarn in stash, I would make it. We managed to find some Wool of the Andes Worsted in a light gray and a royal blue, and I cast on.

I’m not much for colorwork, and this hat has some LONG floats – as long as 11 stitches. But I did my best and got a hat. I wasn’t sure it would be big enough. The circumference is only 91 stitches, and the pattern comes in multiples of 13. 104 stitches would be too big, but 91? I thought I’d try it.

Sadly, the tardis motif does not make the hat big enough on the inside to fit his giant noggin. But on the up side, the hat fits Boy 2 and he likes it, so I’m not ripping it out: IMG_9888

Now I need to make another hat. Boy 1’s head is 1.5” bigger in circumference than Boy 2’s. I really only need about 7 more stitches. I might do 13 anyway… still not sure.

Also, I might not have enough gray yarn for a second, larger hat. I’m thinking of adding a blue stripe under and above the tardis motif to help stretch the gray… what do you think? I also have white yarn that could be used in a similar fashion. I’m not keen on the idea of finishing the crown in blue if I run out of gray. I did that once years ago and the polka-dot-on-top look is just kind of odd; don’t you agree?1097020483_b437b63f05_o

I’m sticking to my Knit From Stash rule no matter what, though. I’m going on the public record here!IMG_9887

Maybe I’ll start that this weekend. I have a few too many projects going on at the moment. But NOW is the time he needs the hat!


  1. So love this -- and the title of your post. Does it make a whooshing soy when worn? I feel for Boy 1 and his giant noggin. Big heads unite!

  2. I saw him yesterday with the minion hat on and a cowl-like item covering his face...all I could see were the eyes!

  3. I also have a large-headed son, so I can understand the dilemma. I like the idea of adding blue stripes to extend the gray (far better than the blue on top), but I'm betting Boy 1 will need to make the final approval. My sons were (and still are) fairly opinionated on items knit for them. Here's hoping for a successful intersection of stash, pattern, and Boy 1!