Sunday, March 6, 2016

It’s not easy being green

Some of you have been asking what I decided to do about the green Lark sweater, the one made with potentially cursed yarn. I decided to just plow ahead and see what happens. If the sweater is too big for me, I’ll find someone else for it. I just don’t want to face this yarn a third time. Here are the sweater fronts as I begin blocking:IMG_9864

And here they are after much smoothing and fretting:IMG_9866

These didn’t seem quite as big as the sweater back. Maybe I subconsciously knit a bit tighter? But they are still bigger than their specifications:IMG_9867

I decided to make the neckbands next before moving on to the sleeves. Here we go: IMG_9910

You can see what a huge difference the blocking will make for this lace pattern (that’s my swatch on top in the above photo). Here they are pinned out to block. I worked these in two sections that will be grafted behind the neck (stitches are still live on the far end of the photo below) so that the pattern will be oriented the same way on both front edges:IMG_9936

And here’s a shot without the pins:IMG_9939

I’m currently working on Sleeve #1.

In other green knitting, I have been working on this fingering weight hat since mid-January. Fingering weight lace is slow going! I can’t work on it during meetings… it’s strictly an at-home project. IMG_9960

The pattern is Cannetella by Woolly Wormhead. You should click through to see what a finished version looks like, because this unblocked lace looks terrible. I modified the brim – you can probably tell that I intend to fold it under and have a double thickness of fabric around my forehead.


  1. The lace pattern on the green sweater neckbands is so pretty! Fingers crossed that the curse has been lifted and this sweater behaves. Those blocking photos are almost painful to look at!

  2. I agree with Bonny...that neckband is gorgeous! If you're careful with the sleeves, might it simply be a LONG sweater??? I am hopeful you can enjoy this garment on yourself!

  3. I love the neckbands! They look beautiful. I am sending you good vibes and hopes that the curse has been lifted from the yarn and the end result will be worth all this agony!

  4. I'm really enjoying the phrase, "in other green knitting." I may have to steal that. That hat is going to be super nice. It's door-colored!