Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Clothing a teen

I’ve got a couple of projects for Boy 1 to share with you.

First, the fix is in on the Windschief hat. I could tell that he just wouldn’t wear it unless it came over his ears, so I ripped back the crown decreases. I added only 4 additional rounds before reworking the crown, but those 4 rounds make a BIG difference in his happiness level. IMG_0355

His eyes are closed in blissful appreciation and anticipation of colder temps again in the fall. (I’m pretty sure that’s what he was thinking about, anyway…)

I’ve also got an easy sock for Boy 1 on the needles. Remember this colorful Regia sock yarn I picked up at a department store in Munich last summer?IMG_8308

Now it’s a sock:IMG_0371

The lighting isn’t great here… it’s been raining or cloudy or both for about two weeks straight here, so you get what you get. I’m using the Vanilla Latte stitch pattern, which is dead simple:

Round 1: *K6 P2*
Round 2: K

There is no pooling in this yarn. In fact, it is VERY entertaining to work with. It is a four-ply yarn and each of the plies is a different color. The colors change after just a few inches, so you are almost never looking at the same combination of colors. Let me show you a little bit of the ball:IMG_0372

I’m not sure this would be the best yarn for a brand new knitter to use, but I am definitely enjoying it.

I asked Boy 1 what he saw in the fabric – because remember, he is red-green color blind. His response: “rainbows!” (and a big smile). I’ll take it!

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  1. I bet Boy 1 is indeed thinking what a great mom he has to knit for him, one who makes sure things fit well and knits him rainbows!