Thursday, June 9, 2016

I inadvertently knit a snow pea


My Penrose Tile shawl is done! I wish you could touch it… the yarn is a woolen spun single, and the finished product is much lighter than you might think. crop

The construction of this shawl was unexpected. You start at the top center of this photo and increase on both ends while making garter stripes. Then you start working the purple lace section to its left… using short rows:IMG_0503

There were lots of short rows in surprising places, and the end result is that the shawl is not symmetrical at all. Take a look at it laid out flat. Does it remind you of anything?


Our first thought was “banana,” but then it became clear: this is the exact shape of a snow pea. It’s kind of blunt on one end and it curls on the other. Curious! I like the curly end better. The shawl sits very well on the shoulders and doesn’t slide at all (probably because it’s NOT a superwash merino type of yarn spun worsted). I think this will be a cozy addition to my wardrobe in the fall.


  1. It is getting close to pea-picking time, but yours is much more interesting than the garden variety!

  2. It's beautiful. And it's going to match your new "'do" perfectly!

  3. Janelle, that is really beautiful! What fiber did you use?

  4. Kay, it is a Danish yarn that a colleague brought me after spending a semester in Denmark. More detail here:

    I was able to find it in Ravelry so it's all linked up properly!

  5. KAT, I know your name is KAT! The y and the t are very close together!