Wednesday, October 5, 2016

…and that makes three

Dan’s third pair of bus driver socks is done!IMG_4175

I upsized the Diamond Seed Brocade stitch pattern to repeat over 16 stitches instead of 12, and whacked that on my top-down vanilla sock with a heel flap and round toe. IMG_3902

The finished socks weigh 83 grams and fit quite nicely. I’m modelling them here and my foot is 1 3/8” shorter than Dan’s, but you get the general idea. IMG_4179 crop

I fussed with the stitch pattern a little bit so that it sort of tapered to a point on the top of the foot. It’s a small detail, but one that pleases me. IMG_4181

The only sad part of these socks is that Dan won’t be able to wear them until January. He’s on sabbatical this fall and is doing research in France. But these will make an excellent “welcome home” gift. IMG_4174 crop


  1. Dan and his feet will be delighted to have these socks in January. He might even be hoping that Boy 1 attends college locally so he can continue to get bus driver socks for as many years as possible!

  2. Beautiful socks, Janelle! I agree, Dan will love them!

  3. Excellent combination of yarn pattern and stitch pattern. And I do like that tweak to make the points on the top of the foot. Good call!